Novelty Songs

Boing ga Doing ga Doing ga BoingI was sitting in my room, feeling kind of gloomy. The curtains started twitching and she flew into the kitchen.”

Senorita– “Senorita can you take me home to meet your father? Not too many people these days take care of their mother.”

Rubbernecking–”She’s home waiting for you and you said you are alone. So why you rubbernecking round my corner like a dog without a bone.”

Talk to your Mother“Little Vikki put her Victrola in the stroller and pushed on down the avenue. There were cats on the sidewalk and birds in the air and a homeless woman put a yellow feather in her hair.”

Seaweed Girl – “Once upon a time there was a seaweed girl. She’d twirl around your finger, ’round your leg she’d curl. She’d giggle in the ripples. She’d say look look at me. Her golden hair was silky in the clear blue sea.

Map of the World– ” West 83rd Street is the busiest street in New York City. The guys are all handsome and the girls are all pretty. Mommies bring their babies in their strollers to see the firemen and the firemen’s dog.”