War on Iraq

Brink of War–”We’re always on the brink of war. We never know who starts the show. We only know we have to go.”

114˚ in Baghdad–”It’s 114˙ in Baghdad she’s wearing 60 lbs. of gear. Strapped in from ear to ear. Strapped in by fear.”

Peace Dreams–”If we want to have peace and we want to be strong we can’t keep doing what we know is wrong.”

Body Bags–”I remember body bags and I remember dog tags. A kinder gentler nation goes to war.”

War on Iraq–”War is perverse, the world’s greatest curse. War for oil is weird. War on Iraq is sand up your crack, like paying someone in arrears.”

After 9/11–”Can you imagine that? They thought the Earth was flat.”

Zero Hero–”I must drink from the bitter cup. I must eat some crow. I’ve got blood on my fingers. I will not let go.”

Wakenhut–”Prisons for profit are trading in Christian nations. It’s another way to pay for our vacations.”

Mercy Jesus, Allah, Yahweh–”When smart bombs become dumb wars I wonder what the Christian on the cross is for.”

Ancient Curse–”Is it something in the water that makes a mad man slaughter his only son and daughter in the universe?”

Drums of War–”This drum isn’t the drum of war. This drum beats my heart.”

Lebanon–”Imagine the world in pieces then imagine the world at peace.”

May Peace Prevail–”May peace prevail on Earth.”

Houdini–”How do you do the Houdini when you lock yourself up in jail? How do you do the Houdini when you don’t even open your mail?”