Monhegan Songs

Keeper –”Sometimes I feel expected by the keeper of the Universe.”

Butterfly Dream –”Last night I dreamt I was a butterfly. Today I don’t know if I’m a man who dreamt he’s a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming he’s a man.”

Which Wave–”If I speak the truth I’ll die.”

Dukulay–”Dukulay, Dukulay, they made your family run away. Dukulay, Dukulay, are you ever going to play again?

Colors–”I”m sick and tired of guts and glory. I hold my breath for a brand new story.”

Vitamins–”I get my Vitamin B1 from having a little fun.”

Bye Bye Bayou–”What do the poor fold have to do to live and die like me and you?”

This is ‘Cause That Is–”This wave is like this, ’cause that wave is like that. Water and air everywhere.”

Phases–”The seaweed and the barnacle rock depend upon the rhythm of a master clock.”

Breaking Faith–”I keep breaking faith with the one I love..with the one who gives me a piece of the sun.”

Floating in the River of Life–”Floating in the River of Life, like a shadow rises to paradise just to fall, to fall again.”

Old Story–”Daddy is that the moon? No silly goose, that’s a loon. The moon doesn’t have wings to fly.”

Lonely Song–”I foresee a time, when without reason, without rhyme, a wave will come from across the sea and take you away from me. And the sea will always be the same.”