Eros Songs

 Is She Different? – I met your old friend eating at an organic bar. She asked about you, she wondered how you are. I said, “She stopped drinking.” She asked, “Is she different?”

Bottom of My Belly–”In the bottom of my belly are 99 tears, I cried them all with you and 99 moe appeared. Love can change a man into a river, love can flow him down, love can make him lose his way in his home town.”

Rubbernecking– “She’s home waiting for you. You said, “You are alone.” “So why’re you rubbernecking ’round my corner, like a dog without a bone?”

Point of No Return– “Father can you hear me I’m singing like a bird. Even when I’m silent you hear every single word. Mother can you see me I’m dancing like a bear…”

Lonely Song– ” I foresee a day, when my love or I pass away and I return to the open sea and sing a lonely song.”

In the Name of Love– “In the name of love I see myself in your eyes. In the name of love I see that you prefer my lies.”

Seaweed Girl– “Once upon a time there was a seaweed girl. She wrap around your finger, ’round your leg she’d twirl. She’d giggle in the ripples and say, “look at me.” Her golden hair was silky in the clear blue sea.”

Every time–“Every time you walk my way I start shaking. Every time you walk away my heart’s breaking. I don’t want to be rejected. I don’t want to feel the pain. It’s a risky business to love.

Taking Down the Wall – “Some days I don’t wake up. Other times I wake up late at night. In some ways I won’t grow up. In other ways I’m older than my time.”

Two Concerted Wings – “It takes two concerted wings to fly. It takes one deserted wing to fall from the sky. Was I one winged on the bus when I betrayed your trust. I’m sorry.”