Justice Songs

A Better Way – “Some say that Mississippi is a state of mind. Even in Nevada or in New Jersey, racists you will find. We’ve got the power. We can go a better way.”

Jesus and Lincoln– “Jesus and Lincoln were at the coffee shop. Thinking about education and the race to the top. Lincoln asked Jesus what he thought about the plan. Jesus said, “Frankly I don’t understand…”

Bye Bye Bayou –” Laissez les bon temps roulez. Chappas toute les de quarter of slaves. Pass de vacuum beaucoup crasseux. De oil is comin’ it flood de bayou. Dis what we fixin’, fixin’ ta do pass de flambeaux set de bayou on fire.”

Mercy– “Mercy, there is no mercy, in your plan, little man. Money, it’s all about money, in your hand, little man.”