The Beach at Tulum

I’m at the apex, the pinnacle

the crest of the wave

riding in the trough

between the cradle and grave

I’m at the zenith, the high-point

the sun in the sky

walking on the Earth

it’s a good day to die.

I ride Poseidon’s blue mane, wrapped in silky, salty, cheery bliss beyond words. I say the unsayable, “Today is a good day to die.” The beach at Tulum has seduced me, beguiled, enjoined me to suspend my disbelief, to release my critical faculties, to sacrifice and surrender my defenses and battle plans at the altar of the eternal sea. Tropical, winter waves, bounce and trounce me, a drop of nada, in a wrap-around ocean. They would break me in pieces on the shore.  Wind-swept crests, roar this water train that carries me lost and found beyond the blue sky and white clouds.. The moon will be full bright tonight. The beach at Tulum – a total eclipse of life.

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