On Betsy DeVos

The vote, tipped by one man is not a mandate, but, given our winner take all mindset, a continental divide nonetheless. So, change will trickle down the slope on high based on one vote. The ‘majority of one,’ has a noble pedigree, according to Thoreau, “any man more right than his neighbors, constitutes a majority of one.” I fear we’ve come to read this as, “any man more powerful than his neighbors, constitutes a majority of one.” The powers that be may delude themselves to feel as ‘big fishes in small ponds’ but ultimately, the immanence of death, and the mysteries of the universe render us ‘small fishes in an incomprehensibly large pond.’ Our ‘powerful’ ideas, ideals, beliefs, fears, and actions about education are not tempered with humility and informed by participants and troops in the trenches, by kids in school playgrounds, and by communities intimately stitched into and dependent on local schools. Schooling children has become an insidious business, an industry, a religion?, that  sunders our integral connection to each other, to our families, to the natural life-cycle, to the Earth, and to the Inner Reachers of Outer Space  by Joseph Campbell. This dystopian vision disempowers all stakeholders, billionaires and penny-stricken alike, and everything immediate, transient, and transcendently beautiful is dismissed, disregarded, even – invisible, for if ‘it’ can not be measured, captured, commodified, it doesn’t exist. What did Einstein remind us? –”Not everything that counts can be measured, and not everything that can be measured counts.”  How do we go forward? In desperation I would even admit religion back in schools, if it be the Dali Lama’s – whose religion is kindness. 

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