Post-election blues.

And what about blue? Solitary? Distant? Cold? Empty? From ashes I rise and set to work. I say, “No,” to hatred, and stoking fear, with violent intolerance of myself and the ‘other’. “No,” to my ignorance, arrogance, greed, entitlement, moral complacency, ethical torpor…in a word – sleepfullness (without the effortless gift of dreams). I have found the enemy and he is me. Blue. My complicity, my discreet and guileful selectivity, my self-interest. And blue? Sorrow? Fear? Longing? For what? For whom? I say, “Yes,” to life. To it all! Birthing, aging, dying, loving, losing, beauty. “Yes,” to horror and terror, that I may greet the monsters at the door and slow their violent entry, into the gods paradises. “Yes,” to mingling with the creatures of the Earth, immersed in a soul that would intenerate the spirit, make tender hard hearts, open closed minds, and unfurl twisted fists. “Yes,” to Blake, who saw a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wildflower. Blues of longing, for a vast future of peace and wonder and love. “Yes,” to the soles of our feet that sojourn across the planet. “Yes,” to the millions of blue students in classrooms across the nation and the world. I sing the post-election blues.



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